Employment Assistance

Finding meaningful employment after service in the military is a leading issue for veterans, but there are resources available to help.

The New York State Career Centers are an incredible resource for veterans living in New York. Every Career Center is staffed with experienced team members that will help veterans conduct a free job search, discuss their needs, skills and interested and guide them through the job-search process step-by-step.

The Labor Department’s Disabled Veterans Outreach Program offers intensive services for disabled veterans, special disabled veterans, homeless veterans and other qualifying veterans in search of employment.

Workforce1 Career Centers also offer a program called Priority1 for US military veterans and their spouses. Some centers have on-site Veteran Specialists that specifically work with veterans and their spouses to find jobs, job training and other supportive services.

For more information, visit:

New York State Career Centers Disabled Veterans Outreach Program Workforce1 Career Centers

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